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We create learning games, co-designed with children, parents and teachers, using a child-centered design process, focused on play.

A co-design session with kids in northeast Ohio

We are a research group that designs, tests and launches learning tools and games for children. Primarily, we are researchers and academics that work together. We are interested in collaborating with others, writing grants and designing for learning and play. All of Lucy Junior's products go through extensive user testing and are the subject of academic papers and research. Children are involved in the design process, helping the design team come up with the most innovative and fun ideas. Profits help pay for the development cost and the creation of new products.

Our Process

1.)  Research

 With a focus on sharing our results,

 process  and strategy.

2.)  Co-Design, Analyze & Learn

 Working with children, parents, teachers,

 and librarians!


3.)  Make, Create + Prototype

 We synthesize everything we learn into  games and tools for children. 

4.)  Test, Refine, Repeat

 We take our ideas and test them with users,  we refine the design, and then we test again.

5.)  Launch

 After a long process of testing, we launch our  app in Apple's App Store.

Services We Offer

Design Research

   + User Research

   + User Testing


Motion Design

   + Concept Art

   + Storyboards

   + Animation

   + Motion Graphics

Interaction Design

   + User Interface design

   + User Experience design

   + Wireframes

   + Prototypes

   + Website design

   + iOS / Mobile App Design

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