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Energetic Alpha

Energetic Alpha is a learning game that helps preschoolers learn to write letters. The app helps children learn proper stroke order, letter name recognition, letter shapes and letter sounds. With a streamlined navigation, the app is easy to use for little hands. And no in-apppurchases required, you have peace of mind that your little kiddo is safely learning and playing.

Energetic Alpha Icon

Energetic Número


Energetic Número is an app for preschoolers that helps them learn numeral writing and numeral identification, comprehend and demonstrate one–to–one correspondence, basic number counting in order and demonstrating addition and subtraction, recognizing patterns and comprehending and applying basic algorithmic design. Energetic Numero will be available in late 2020 in Apple's App Store.

Energetic Script


Energetic Script is a cursive writing game that helps 8-11 year olds learn to write letters, words and their signature in cursive. Energetic Script will be available in 2021 in Apple's App Store.

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